Friday, 11 September 2009

Solo Beats By Dre

Did you want to buy the beats but found them to heavy? Or they were to big for your body structure??
It has finally happened people The good Dr Dre in partnership with monster has decided to release the amazing Solo Beats which are smaller and cheaper(at $219) and much cooler looking than the original beats by dr dre.
But here is tha catch.......................The still have the smae sound quality!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing right???? It seems the good dr really means business!!!
These headphones are not yet out. They come out in november after the heartbeats ear phones by lady gaga!!
The solo beats make you it possible to make the same quality as the beats by dre in a smaller version??well we shall find out won't we??
ANd i promise to do a full review of the headphones when it comes out!

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