Friday, 11 September 2009


OK people I know how much you have been wating for this, the beats by dre are the coolest headphones ever to land the planet!!they are simply magnificent!!!I mean what is not to love about them...with their sleek design, their scratch proof body, their amazing sound quality the noise cancelling technology and that really really really REALLY REALLY COOL BUTTON that mutes sound when you want to hear the world(a very cool button) wht is there not to say about these headphones??
The headphones are made by monster in partnership with dr dre and come in great sound quality and at a really good price as well. The beats are something that are well worth your money. if you have the cash then buy it!! if you are a great music lover then you have nothing to regret. But if you are in it just for the fashion then you still have nothing to loose instead you gain. You finally hear music the way it is meant to be heard!
The only problem you might have with the beats is their size...well the good Dr has found a solution to that!!!coming soon in a future blog!!till then view my other blogs and other upcoming blogs

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