Monday, 14 September 2009

Bluetooth Ring Piece

Here is something I just found out and I thought it would be good let all y'all know...I know this has nothing to do with headphones...but you have to admit that this is totally awesome!!
Rwmwmber in those days when you had no phones and you just put your fingers to your ear and your mouth and pretended that you were talking on the phone???
Well people I am here to inform you that this shall be coming into a reality very very soon.
The concept is very simple you put your thumb to your ear to listen as the ear piece, and you put your other finger to your mouth for speaking into...This is the coolest bluetooth concept ever...when this thing comes out I am definatly going to get it...I can now start comparing my self to the likes of James bond them...I will keep everyone posted for when this is coming out..

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Heartbeats by Lady Gaga

Ok if is very obvious that Lady Gaga is a fan of the beats by dr dre because she uses them in most of her videos.
Monster has noticed this that is why they decided to make the heartbeats earphones in collaboration with monster inc.
These earphones are quiet sexy!!and they are made for women. The earphones are the mixture of monster sounds with lady gaga's exclusive designs. They come in three colours: black pink and white. These headphones let you hear music the way it is meant to be heard. And the best part, it is a win win deal. You hear music in shocking quality and also it is very very fashionable.

Who needs earrings when you have the heartbeats?
It comes out in october, So don't start looking forward to getting your then

Friday, 11 September 2009

Solo Beats By Dre

Did you want to buy the beats but found them to heavy? Or they were to big for your body structure??
It has finally happened people The good Dr Dre in partnership with monster has decided to release the amazing Solo Beats which are smaller and cheaper(at $219) and much cooler looking than the original beats by dr dre.
But here is tha catch.......................The still have the smae sound quality!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing right???? It seems the good dr really means business!!!
These headphones are not yet out. They come out in november after the heartbeats ear phones by lady gaga!!
The solo beats make you it possible to make the same quality as the beats by dre in a smaller version??well we shall find out won't we??
ANd i promise to do a full review of the headphones when it comes out!

IPOD TOUCH 34 & 64 gig(nothing to do with headphones but these are like the maddest ipods hfor now!!just have to let you guys know about them

Well apple has done it again!!!they have brought out the new apple ipod touch in 32 and 64 gig!!!!but thats not all!!!these new ones come with the application capability of the I phone!!!Now is this not just great???So welcome gaming capabilitys and lots more!!
Faster Internet...Just have wi-fi around, connect and you have such high speed internet it is simply amazing!!
And for the greatest part it also comes with the voice control technology that is famous to the Iphone!!
It also comes with bluetooth for bluetooth headphones capabilities
Give me one reason why you should not get these Ipods??


OK people I know how much you have been wating for this, the beats by dre are the coolest headphones ever to land the planet!!they are simply magnificent!!!I mean what is not to love about them...with their sleek design, their scratch proof body, their amazing sound quality the noise cancelling technology and that really really really REALLY REALLY COOL BUTTON that mutes sound when you want to hear the world(a very cool button) wht is there not to say about these headphones??
The headphones are made by monster in partnership with dr dre and come in great sound quality and at a really good price as well. The beats are something that are well worth your money. if you have the cash then buy it!! if you are a great music lover then you have nothing to regret. But if you are in it just for the fashion then you still have nothing to loose instead you gain. You finally hear music the way it is meant to be heard!
The only problem you might have with the beats is their size...well the good Dr has found a solution to that!!!coming soon in a future blog!!till then view my other blogs and other upcoming blogs

Sennheiser HD 650

If you know alot about headphones, then you will know that these headphones are the bomb!!!although they come with a huge price tag. These headphones are a bit heavy but they have such a comfortable feel on your head that you will be so surprised. They also look so good, by merely looking at them you will know that they sound really good. The only prolem with these headphones is that they seem to be more intended for home use because they are tooo big and will be to bulky to carry about.

Sony MDR-XB700

The Sony MDR-XB700 headphones creates a heavy club vibe with rich, powerful bass. Standing for “eXtra Bass” the outstanding XB headphone range accurately reproduces ultra-low frequencies without compromising the crystal-clear midrange vocals and high frequency sounds. The Perfect headphone for the bass music lovers.
These headphones will pump o much bass in your heads that you will feel like you are in a club!!!

Skull Candy SnoopCrushers

Ok I was wondering when this coooooooooooool dude was gonna make some headphones. I mean if you are that cool then you just have to be able to turn headphones into some cool equipment you are not shy of carrying about. And boy Snoop Dogg did not dissappoint!!!! Snoop Dogg partnered with Skull candy (who by the way already make amazing headphones google their site and check them out) and made some really cool looking headphones!!!!!!they are just your skullcrushers pimped up!!! Ok so these headphones put so much Bass in your head that you will be completely amazed!!!they come with mini sub woofers in each earcup that vibrate on your ear. So it you get an amazing boom boom POW!!!anyway thats not all. These headphones are just like Snoop Dogg. In other words they are cool!! since that is the only way to discribe snoop that is how i will discribe his products. These headphones come in such cool design that you will will make people look at you twice when they see it on your head. The headphones are also very comfortable on the ears so it is not just all fashion and no comfort. And best of all they come at an amazing price of just 64.99 pounds.
They come in two colours blue and black. Go get yours now before they run out!


Do you love to listen to your music the way it deserves to be listened to?
Do you travel alot or go with the tube alot and want to reduce so much of the noise around you so you can listen to your music without external noise?
These headphones do cost alot but bose also has you covered. If you want to listen to good quality music without the noise cancelling technology, then you will just settle for the bose on ear, in ear and around ear headphones which give you amazing sound quality for bose with their TriPort® acoustic headphone structure! These headphones are great for your mp3 players and ipods