Monday, 14 September 2009

Bluetooth Ring Piece

Here is something I just found out and I thought it would be good let all y'all know...I know this has nothing to do with headphones...but you have to admit that this is totally awesome!!
Rwmwmber in those days when you had no phones and you just put your fingers to your ear and your mouth and pretended that you were talking on the phone???
Well people I am here to inform you that this shall be coming into a reality very very soon.
The concept is very simple you put your thumb to your ear to listen as the ear piece, and you put your other finger to your mouth for speaking into...This is the coolest bluetooth concept ever...when this thing comes out I am definatly going to get it...I can now start comparing my self to the likes of James bond them...I will keep everyone posted for when this is coming out..

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